Sweet Vegan Tea Class

Sweet, delicious, healthy...and with Tea!

It sounds incredible but it's possible to prepare greedy cakes without giving up the taste and taking care of keeping fit at the same time.

After the Winter break the seminar we have created it's the right way to reopen our Tea School...winking at the same time to wellness and delicacy.
Wanna have fun unveiling the secrets and ingredients of a surprising natural Tea pastry-making? Then this is the right Seminar for you!

WHEN: saturday the 31st of January 2015 @ 3.30pm
WHERE: aTèlier Cose di Tè, Jesi , Piazza indipendenza, 2/A
LENGHT: about 2 hours and a half
Cost: 25Euro
Info & booking: 0731 205899

Event with limited seats, booking requested.

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Christmas Scent Tea
Price: €7
prodotto nuovo
Black Tea, almond, Ceylon cinnamon bits, red rose buds. A tea with marzipan-rum taste. Sip it slowly and... magic! Santa is arriving with his sledge! Evening version: ...

Sungrazing Comet Herbal Tea
Price: €8
prodotto nuovo
Cocoa pearls, ribes, crispy azelnuts. A special tasted herbal tea which pleased both kidz and parents. Azelnuts and marshmallow taste. ... and don't forget that all t ...

Silver Star Tea
Price: €7
prodotto nuovo
A delicate White Tea enriched with sugar pearls, star anise, cinnamon, rasin, almond, pink peppercorn, spices. A real pleasant and relaxing cup! ...


Flowery Herbal Mug
Price: €16.5
prodotto nuovo
A nice herbal mug with flowery-fruity deco. 3 different deco available. It is provided with filter and lid. The lid, after infusion, can be used as anti-drop saucer. ...

White chocolate with Matcha Tea and Salt
Price: €5
A newelty in Cose di Tè range: Tea-Chocolate. Try this delicious handmade white chocolate bar with Matcha Tea and salt, you will never get enough of it! 50gr packing. ...

Stainless steel filter with bambou handle
Price: €8
Stainless steel filter with bambou handle. 70mm diameter. ...


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