Blooming Teas: the magic of Tea

The Blooming Teas are masterpieces whose tradition can be dated in antique China.

After plucking, the Tea leaves are manually sewed together so as to create a sphere that will hold inside a flower, usually either an amaranthus, a chrysanthemum, a lilium or some jasmines. Then during steeping the sphere gently opens looking like a blooming flower.

The creation of a single flower can take up to one hour. This work, usually carried out by women, is done wearing silk gloves.

The Blooming Teas are a perfect idea to surprise your guests, a nice pause for yourself or a unique and original gift.

How to prepare the Blooming Teas:
To appreciate in the best way the magic of aBlooming Tea prepare it in a transparent jug, then pour some 95°C water and leave steeping until the sphere starts opening. After a few minutes you can drink and enjoy its perfect aroma.

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