Tea and Me

Tea is my passion.

I do remember very well the moment all started: it was in the Maison des Trois Thès in Paris. Madame Tseng, the owner, welcomed me for a Oolong Tea tasting. At that time I hardly knew what a oolong tea was, but I was very excited as you usually are at the dawn of an important day.

My teacher seemed to me both mysterious and severe. Not many words, she welcomed me with the typically oriental quick bow and raised smile. She let me sits in front of her; between us a small table and various very curious objects. The Gong Fu Cha, the Chinese ceremonial way to offer tea, started and the magic is disclosed

I’m enraptured by the grace of her elegant and measured movements. It looks like she is from another world. What a beauty! Then she pours the just prepared tea, and a sensual and sweet perfume goes through my nostrils and straight to my soul. I will never forget it, it’s still with me, giving me the same emotions.

Many years have gone by, I’ve met lots of people, travelled many places, done different things and Tea, as a faithful companion, has always been at my side. At first silent and discreet, then strong and overwhelming. Finally I realized that it was the right time to let this passion fly high. That’s when Cose di Tè was born. Cose di Tè is my way to communicate and introduce the culture and rituals connected with this extraordinary plant.

Welcome into my world!

Fabiola Ruggiero


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