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The Tea’s non plus ultra is represented in this combination of four rariTeas famous all over the world.

Each sample gives about 5-8 Tea cups.

The set includes:

Emperor Pu Erh 2004: The Emperor Pu Erh is a real treasure. It’s prepared only with delicate buds. In the past it used to be the Emperor’s flush. It has elegant, golden, not compressed leaves. The cup is orange-red with a sweet, mature and earthy taste. Its perfume recalls the lotus flower. It’s simply perfect!

TIE GUAN YIN TEA: The flowery perfume of this precious and famous Oolong Tea araises again in the cup. The infusion gives a balanced liquor with jade green shades. Tie Guan Yin Tea has got a delicate honey character with a lasting orchid aftertaste.
It stands multiple infusions.

YIN ZHEN BAI HAO TEA: “Silver Needle”, represents the perfection as far as White Teas are concerned. This “Imperial” flush is gathered only two days a year, plucking only the youngest and tenderest buds.

GYOKURO HIKARI TEA: Usually known as “Jade Due Drop” Gyokuro Hikari is an extremely precious Green Tea. The buds are hand plucked only once a year. The garden is shaded for three weeks before plucking so as to obtain a Tea rich of chlorophyll and poor of tannin. Excellent to side important fish dishes.
The leaves have an extraordinary emerald color, the taste is soft and the scent subtle. All is harmony in this Tea considered one of the most refined and precious of the world.

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