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This 2015 Tea is a limited edition of pressed mountain tea. It comes from the mountain of Nan Nou, in the Xishuangbanna Manghai region of Yunnan. This mountain lies at an altitude of 1400 meters and its trees, aged 200 to 500, produce some of the best Pu Erh Tea. Known for the soft and subtle notes of earth and foliage, nothing bitter or astringent, these cups of tea have a honey and vegetable flavor and can tolerate even longer infusion times if you are looking for even stronger flavor .

Tea kindPu Erh Teas
Tea ColourPu Erh
China is the place where Tea was born. It's the first world producer, with a variety of about 10thousand different Teas. Plucking and processing are still mainly done manually. The Chinese Teas have got leaves shapes and colours that keep surpising both your eyes and your mouth!
Whenall day
steeping time3-5'
water temperature95°C

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