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A travel at the discovery of the best Green Teas from the main producing countries: China and Japan.

Each sample gives about 6-8 Tea cups.

The set includes:

SHINCHA KYUSHU BIO TEA: Shincha means "new tea" in Japanese and is considered "the elixir of long life". This first collection from bright green leaves, give a pleasant aroma of flowers and a nice flavor with a slight iodine aftertaste.
For lovers of real Japanese tea, tea complex and intriguing, Bio.

HOJICHA KAGOSHIMA BIO : Hoji-Cha is very renowned in Japan thanks to its particular taste, the smooth nuts notes, and the low caffeine content.

WILD BUDS TEA: This precious Green Tea is composed only by buds which are plucked from wild Tea trees.
Processed as a Pu Erh, this delicious Tea gives a bright cup and a delicate and perfumed liquor.

PI LO CHUN TEA: In Chinese Pi Lo Chun means “Spring Green Snail”. The name is given by its leaves shape and the strong and fresh apricot and fruit aroma. Actually the best Pi Lo Chun are grown in gardens surrounded by these trees, from which the Tea leaves absorb the perfume.

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