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The Net Blues fine bone china teapot has got a 0,6L capacity.

The Net Blues decoration was created in 1950 by the Russian artist Anna Iatshkevitch. It represents one of the most famous decoration in the world as it is inspired by the first bone china set the artist Dmitry Vinogradov realised for the Empress Elisabetta Petrovna.
The original set, named Sobstrvennyi, had a stronger pink colour and small roses drawn at the crossing of the lines. Iatshkevitch changed them in golden stars.
Every single piece is carefully hand painted.
The materials used are precious and include 24-karat gold.

notesTea tradition in Russia is antique and fascinating. It started in 1600 when the Tsar Aleksey Mikhaylovich received some chests of precious Tea from the Chinese ambassador. Previously Tea was unknown to the Russians, and the newelty received an extraordinary welcome. Then the Russian fine bone china became famous all over the world for its quality and beauty. The greatest artists wanted to challenge themselves with it and created unique and beautiful Tea sets. Gold, fine bone china, sparkling colors and fabulous decorations enrich the luxurious Tsar tables highlighting the elegance and wealthiness of the period. Even nowadays the Russian fine bone china Tea sets represent a special gift and are appreciated for their quality and admirable decos.

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